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*Established in 1997,spread across 25 acres with a strength of 300 animals at Amalner,Dist.Jalgaon (Maharashtra)by Mr.Shibi Vasishtha.
* Considering the geographic, climatic conditions and high demand, decision was taken to start Goat Farming on commercial level.
* In this Endeavour of eighteen years, the company has tested most of the domestic breeds to zero down on the most viable goat breeds for commercial purpose.
* The Company also has a captive SSI unit to process the Goat Droppings to produce a “QUALITY ORGANIC MANURE” with a brand name “BAGESHREE”.


The company aims at promoting Goat farming in an organised sector in all areas i.e.rural as well as semi urban areas of India like poultry industry by proving it to be an Economically Viable and Bankable project. Along with promoting Indigenous breeds for Economically Viable Commercial Goat Farming, the Company also aims at bringing in the best Advanced Genetics from all over the world to enhance the genetical qualities of the existing descript and non-descript goat breeds in India.

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